Daily Prompt: Mystery Box

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mystery Box. I am taking you a few steps back from the moment, I found this beautifully wrapped mystery box kept next to my bed. This will help you to understand the entire series of events occurred on that particular day. It was a regular day for me. After cleaning dish plates, I went straight to the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Mystery Box

10 Most Inspirational Travel Quotes.

In the words of Danny Kaye, American Actor, ”To travel is to take a journey into yourself”. Aptly Said! Since childhood, I ‘ve been reading them (a curated list of travel quotes) & they inspired a hope in me to live my dream life. I dream to travel, see the world, appreciate the culture & people, & being happy. Here I am blogging a few … Continue reading 10 Most Inspirational Travel Quotes.

Deep Stillness.

She was standing beside him, lost in her thoughts. Her mind was ascending the sky, kissing her childhood memories, creating the sand dunes along the beaches & flashing bizarre shapes. He pulled her by the arms which brought her back to present. ”Hey, you are hurting me. Don’t pull me so hard.” Varun was running late to meeting; annoyed on Vibha for her absent-mindedness. Clueless, … Continue reading Deep Stillness.

Thousand Thoughts : One Face!

In the words of Marianne Weggins,“You think you know someone by looking at his face but what can one face say about the thousand thoughts behind those eyes.” These clicks are taken at different places, with an effort to capture thoughtful emotions on the faces. A million faces & billion emotions hovering around their faces. All these faces depict rage, love, lust, pride, hunger, inspiration, … Continue reading Thousand Thoughts : One Face!

19 Easy things to do in weekends!

Days which soothes the mind & heart every once in a week! 😉 You may plan to hang on to your regular weekend schedule which majorly involves sleeping, followed by devouring & sleeping…(Let me add up a few bottles of beer in your weekend schedule to make it a comprehensive one!) If it seems the most economical & relaxing way to spend your weekend, hold … Continue reading 19 Easy things to do in weekends!

Bylakuppe: A Paradise known as Mini Tibet.

Ever wondered, ‘How does it feel to live with monks?’! Well, when I was packing my bags, the only thing my mind was singing to me was, ‘How would it feel to live with monks?’. There are multiple tourist destination in and around Karnataka, rich in scenic beauty and leisure activities. Kushalnagar is one of them. Kushalnagar is a town, located near Kaveri river, in the … Continue reading Bylakuppe: A Paradise known as Mini Tibet.