2015: My Travel Confessions!

Hola! It’s never too late to confess! Before the year- 2015 ends, I would love to pour down my confessions in this blog (big, small, silly! Travel confessions). You might have read my solo- Women traveling tips & itineraries & I may have sounded really brave & smart at quite some points. Nevertheless of circumstances, I have always undertaken projects which demanded extensive traveling & … Continue reading 2015: My Travel Confessions!

9 Things you must do in Madikeri

Merry Christmas!! Here comes the end of the year, 2015. This year was particularly fortunate, when I look back at my traveling affairs. 😀 Last month, I never got a chance to station myself in one place. It had been an extremely, adventurous expedition. I visited to multiple places like Madikeri, Shirdi, Nashik, Aurangabad, Pune, Shrirangapatnam & Mysore. Madikeri, a picturesque hill station town in Karnataka, … Continue reading 9 Things you must do in Madikeri