A short trip to Devanahalli.

” Saturday Morning @3:20 am- Oh! Finally, its weekend & I can sleep more…. But then, what’s new about it? I shall really go out and capture something soothing & interesting. ” I shot out of bed and packed my bag to capture serene & relaxed sunrise. With this thought, I reached to Devanahalli in Bangalore, also known as Devandahalli, Dayavandalli, Devanadoddi & Devanapura. Devanahalli is located near … Continue reading A short trip to Devanahalli.

Some faded memories…

When did you last time checked those old faded stuffs? Those old albums were the only territory of happiness for you. So cherished. So Significant. You created & decorated them with all your heart & soul. Yesterday, I was cleaning my cupboard. It was a random decision to clean the cupboard, so that I can dig out some fresh, clean office clothes for the next … Continue reading Some faded memories…

A Visit to Pondicherry.

Puducherry: A city of serenity, beaches & home-made wines. p.c.- foursquare.com There is something peculiar about the bright colorful walls, sea beaches, home-made wines, blissful evenings, & coastal food. Isn’t it? Recently, I visited to Puducherry (earlier named as Pondicherry). An immaculate, well planned, & beautiful city. A city which offers you quietness, tranquility, meditative retrospection and joyous moment. I made this trip in the month … Continue reading A Visit to Pondicherry.

Bhuribhoj- A Crazy Compilation of Bengali Cuisines.

#Bhuribhoj… This literally means a ‘complete, delightful eating experience’. What does a bong need other than his/her sumptuous meal? 🙂 Here’s my compilation of a few famous, freakin’ melt-in-your-mouth Bengali delicacy. So Delicious. So Bengali.. Popular Bengali Sweets I could miss so many of them, coz’ this is literally impossible to name all of them in a post. These are must have Bengali cuisines in my list. If you … Continue reading Bhuribhoj- A Crazy Compilation of Bengali Cuisines.

Did you ever meet your Life?

Have you ever pondered, what really makes you happy? Well, I contemplated for years and couldn’t find one single item which could keep me happy forever. In order to really dig it further, I created my bucket list. At one point of time, everyone thinks to create his/her own bucket list. A few succeed in creating this list and then, they lost it. Amid the turmoil of routine, … Continue reading Did you ever meet your Life?

Quick Tips: While You Pack Your Bags!

Ready for your forest trip? If you need any suggestion while packing your luggage, here I am extending my helping hand! Well, as you read the blog about my trip to Mallandur (chikmagalur) where I stayed in deep forest http://goo.gl/rv0H6T. #PackBag- Tip1 I am gonna share only & only about your clothes in this section (What you must pack & what you must avoid). 1. … Continue reading Quick Tips: While You Pack Your Bags!

Have you ever lived in a forest?

City Life… Daily Travelling … Work Stress…Family Stress & What Not! I had buckets of negativity when the idea of living in a forest struck my mind. Travelling is an aphrodisiac for those who has passion & lust to see every nook & corner of the earth (who cares if it take a person to Antartica). After a day research the place that ideally fits my … Continue reading Have you ever lived in a forest?