Daily Prompt: Mystery Box

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mystery Box.

I am taking you a few steps back from the moment, I found this beautifully wrapped mystery box kept next to my bed. This will help you to understand the entire series of events occurred on that particular day.

It was a regular day for me. After cleaning dish plates, I went straight to the garden to spend some time in peace.  I could hear some noise, a mysterious voice frantically whispering to someone. I scanned the garden & the home thoroughly, but found nothing. After a while, I headed back to the bed.

This mysterious voice followed me till the bedroom. Skeptical & petrified of the whispers, I closed all the doors & windows of the room. I kept on turning & twisting on the bed, disturbed by the idea of strange whispers. And, then I drifted off to a deep slumber.

….Morning alarm buzzed at 6:30 am.

I had no choice, but to get up to start the day. To my absolute surprise, I found a beautifully golden paper wrapped gift (mystery gift) box kept near to the bed with a note attached to it, ”Open me if you dare”. I got the flashback of the series of events happened at night the day before; the Whisper, empty garden, frantic sounds & so on…


Image Source

My thoughts had taken the roads of fantasy, I so wanted to dig out the box out of the wrapper to see inside. The moment a part of the box came out of the wrapper, I got worried. This box was not at all heavy as if It was empty. Multiple questions emerged again, who kept the box on the bed while the room was closed?, Is the box empty?, Is it a kind of plot by a friend?, What is kept inside the box?, & so on…

Finally, I summoned all my strength & guts to open up this mystery box. I took the box out of the wrapper & opened the box. I found an another note inside.


Oh! I found a letter from my dreamland. A land of umpteen possibilities & wonders; my perfect magical world! I took the note & kissed it with a smile. This magical, mysterious box filled me with happiness, wonders & fantasies of my mind & heart. I kept the note back in that box & slowly whispered to it, I would be looking forward to hear from you soon!


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