Deep Stillness.


She was standing beside him, lost in her thoughts. Her mind was ascending the sky, kissing her childhood memories, creating the sand dunes along the beaches & flashing bizarre shapes.

He pulled her by the arms which brought her back to present.

”Hey, you are hurting me. Don’t pull me so hard.” Varun was running late to meeting; annoyed on Vibha for her absent-mindedness. Clueless, what’s going wrong between them? It was all fine and today, things are just not fine any more .

They had even stopped searching for words to initiate a conversation. No more stories between them to keep each other busy & fill them with more love. Sparkling Love.

”She moved inside home & closed the door to silently go to the bed.”

Varun reached home at 9 pm, tired & torn inside. He headed to the room to take a look at Vibha, if she’s found meaning to her life.

There was no mark of her presence in the room. He knew it was about to happen one day. He searched the entire house (It has been no more home to both of them; just four wall of bricks & mortar to envelop at night without attaching any emotion to anything lying there).

It was all quite & dark outside, no wind outside, void everywhere… He knew, she’s gone. Pause…

He locked all the gates and drifted off to deep slumber. Deep Indeed.


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