The Vibrant Splashes

“In your daily life, let your destined visions be farther than your gifted sight and your ultimate joy be vibrant than your demeaning worries. Think big, dream big.” ― Israelmore Ayivor There are a few stuffs which lure the eyes.  It’s vibrant, colorful, bright, contemporary & rare to our eyes. Our wandering eyes find its ultimate comfort at its sight. While I was wandering on the … Continue reading The Vibrant Splashes

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- Symbol

Symbol- A representative image designated to the object, emotion or word. Every symbol speaks something unique & there is a unique interpretation of every symbol. There is something intense and deeper. Today, I went to an Handicraft Exhibition. People from different states, came to display their artistry work. Every face was hopeful, every smile was genuine. A smile having confidence & pride in their work. Some … Continue reading WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- Symbol

10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Getting Married!

Congrats, you have started planning about your wedding! You gonna have such a beautiful beginning of a new relationship. Have a long way to go together. When he says ‘I want to grow old with you’, doesn’t your heart melts? Yes, I bet, you are in love! 🙂 But, before you further dive into love & relationship, did you realize you won’t be a Bachelorette anymore… … Continue reading 10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Getting Married!

The Doors

This Week’s Daily Post Photo Challenge theme is ‘Door’. Intrigued by the theme, I started looking at my photography collection to find the snaps of ‘Doors’. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t get anything which visually talks about my interpretation about the doors. So, I found some interesting ‘Indian Doors’ & created an interesting Board on Pinterest which speaks my idea & interpretation about the doors. Hope you all … Continue reading The Doors