15 Photos That Will Inspire You To Travel

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Everybody needs inspiration & motivation in life. So does a traveler. What inspires a traveler are unexplored terrains, colorful cities, people and their culture.

Being a traveler, whenever I run short of Ideas or happiness, I pack my bags & run far from the regular hustle & bustle of city life to spend sometime close to the nature, observe the beauty of different cultures & people, get inspired by the twist & turns of the roads & valleys, lost senses in the depth of the sea and the mess of the stars.

Well, I would love to share 15 ultimate photos that will inspire you to travel & explore the hidden treasure of the nature. These are a few of my favourite photos, never ceased to inspire me from being a traveler.

  1. Get mesmerized with the glimpse of the magnificent Himalayas…
SNAP- Travel Freak 14 Flickrdotcome
Via Pinterest

2. Lost yourself in the thicket green lush and the cloud, while trekking to an impressive beauty of nature.

SNAP- Travel Freak 12 (travel dot paintedstork dot com) Gangtok
via- travel.paintedstork.com

3. Let your soul float amid the breathtaking scenery.

SNAP- Travel Freak 11 (audley travel dot com) Backwater kerela
Via- audleytravel.com

4. Breathing freshness of air, & seeing the most soothing greenery around you. What ignites the soul is chirping of birds, gushing of streams, and mist over the leaves.

SNAP- Travel Freak 7 Pinterest

Via- Pinterest

5. The vibrant culture & people around the world. 

SNAP- Travel Freak 31. 500pxdotcom

via- Flickr

6. Wake up the adventurous & risk taker child inside you! How about a rickety public bus ride? 

SNAP- Travel Freak 13 Traveltriangle dot com                                Via – hakimsurf.tumblr.com

7. To wander around the unknown terrains where there is no traffic & no pollution but, only serenity. 

SNAP- Travel Freak 5 hakimsurf dot tumblr dot com
Via – hakimsurf.tumblr.com

8. Spend an evening out of home & city, somewhere far and unknown.

SNAP- Travel Freak 8 (36 dot media dot tumblr dot com)
via- 36.media.tumblr.com

9. The crazy rushing wind & its intensity! The blueish-orange sky, the hill, the wind & you… Wouldn’t that be like chasing an unicorn? 🙂

SNAP- Travel Freak 15 Earthandanimals dot tumblr dot com
via- earthandanimals.tumblr.com

10. Who would mind to feel intrepid like a National Geographic explorer? I bet, you would feel proud & ecstatic at being independent of gravity. 

Just deep breath, become one with the sea and enjoy the sight of beautiful creatures living underwater!

SNAP- Travel Freak 17 Scubadiving dot com

Pic Via- scubadiving.com

11. A unique winter getaway experience! These are the magical establishments which must be there in everyone’s bucket list. Gazing Stars at chilling night from a mirror house won’t be anything lesser than a dream. 

SNAP- Travel Freak 23 Fwmmwhunting dot tumblr dot com
Via- femmehunting.tumblr.com

12. A swing at the edge of the cliff… you beat the fear of death & height and experience the wind of fearlessness. It is indeed an ultimate experience.  

This tops the activities on my wishlist.

SNAP- Travel Freak 22 CLiff Swing
Via- Pinterest

13.  Amid the blue sky and blue sea, let your soul dance & swing…
Amid the emptiness of the Sea, let your soul to hear the inner voice.

SNAP- Travel Freak 27 Conde Nast Traveler

 Via- Conde nast Traveler

14. Hunt for a place like this when you are in dire need of peace- Picturesque landscape and sparkling river where you can sit and plan to spend the rest of your life.

SNAP- Travel Freak 32

via- stripped-cherry.tumblr.com

15. Be the Tarzan of a Jungle & write your own jungle stories.

SNAP- Travel Freak 35

Via- labella-instagram.tumblr.com

Truly the list is endless, but these are few of my favorite photos. I’m sure, you have many more photos in your album which inspired you endlessly. So, go ahead & share your favorite photographs to inspire me & other travel blog readers.





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  1. Wow these photos are amazing! Not that I need much more inspiration but this article has definitely awoken wanderlust fantasies again 😉

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