If we could walk together for some more…!

P.C.: Wallpaper wide There is a thought itching inside my head, only if we could walk… walk together for some more. I may stumble, or run fast. I may crawl or get sore. I may laugh loud or cry at the thought of being separated after a while. But, I have a wish only if we could walk together for some more… I remember, last … Continue reading If we could walk together for some more…!


Nervous. Indecisive. For the first time, he would see her. Overwhelmed with the emotions, his eyes were searching her all around. Finally, she was in front of his eyes- Beaming smile. She was not looking the way he had thought of. She was an ordinary looking girl- Shoulder length hair, big eyes, childish behavior, over enthusiastic, golden skin. ” Hi” – He said. “Hey, you … Continue reading #ABriefMeet

Daily Prompt: Mystery Box

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Mystery Box. I am taking you a few steps back from the moment, I found this beautifully wrapped mystery box kept next to my bed. This will help you to understand the entire series of events occurred on that particular day. It was a regular day for me. After cleaning dish plates, I went straight to the … Continue reading Daily Prompt: Mystery Box

Deep Stillness.

She was standing beside him, lost in her thoughts. Her mind was ascending the sky, kissing her childhood memories, creating the sand dunes along the beaches & flashing bizarre shapes. He pulled her by the arms which brought her back to present. ”Hey, you are hurting me. Don’t pull me so hard.” Varun was running late to meeting; annoyed on Vibha for her absent-mindedness. Clueless, … Continue reading Deep Stillness.