Nervous. Indecisive.

For the first time, he would see her. Overwhelmed with the emotions, his eyes were searching her all around.

Finally, she was in front of his eyes- Beaming smile. She was not looking the way he had thought of. She was an ordinary looking girl- Shoulder length hair, big eyes, childish behavior, over enthusiastic, golden skin.

” Hi” – He said.

“Hey, you there!”- She smiled.

“I would be staying in your city for next 3 days. Where would you all take me?” – He said.

She gave him a perplexed look & took the bag off his shoulder and looked inside it.

“What are you looking for in my bag”- He said.

“Didn’t you get flowers or a bottle of wine to meet a girl?”- She asked.

This brief meet was not going exactly the way, they had thought of.

Her Prince charming would be sophisticated and well manner who would come to sweep her off  feet. While, he was in the grip of emotional flooding, more precisely, uncertain about his acts and talks. What a turn off it was for her!

“A gentleman would bring flowers or chocolates or wine to meet his girl.”- echoing in her mind.

Time passed, but they kept meeting and knowing each other. 10 Years passed just like that…

“Addiction overtaken Imperfection. Understanding overtaken Immaturity. 

Warmth overtaken Indifference. Love overtaken Fantasy.”

They were in LOVE. Yes, it was true and sweet and forever.

After 60 years of togetherness, only death separated them.





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