Alone. Defeated. Numb.

“What would I do now? I dreamed about a family and you walked out of my life ruthlessly” – He whispered in the darkness.

He was lost in the thought while gazing at the stars in the sky. The idea of not seeing her again was killing him; cruelly mutilating his hopes and dreams.

Time passed…

While seated in the restaurant, he saw a young couple with a kid. A smile enveloped his face- ‘it was a relief and a delight on his face.’

He waived a ‘Hi’ to the couple and sat next to them.

“Would you like to have a Chocolate-Almond Pie?”- he asked to the kid.
“Yes”- the Innocent kid replied with a bright eye.

He ordered the pie and kissed the kid on his forehead. He intently watched the kid, while the kid was giggling and dancing with the Pie.

Then, quietly he said Good-bye to the kid.

He walked out of the restaurant and looked at the sky (once again) and said –

“I forgive you”

“I forgive you for all the pain, you inflicted on me.

I forgive you for all the promises you broke.

I forgive you for playing with my innocent heart.

I forgive you because you came as a lesson to me. 

I forgive you because I know myself better now.

I forgive you because I do see my happiness within.


I Thank You for walking out of my life. “






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