Her desperation blogPC- Google Image

She was boasting about the men in her life; those men who offered her a night love, the man who walked down the aisle with her, those men who asked her out as a date… she had innumerable men on her list.

Her lips were dry and the pain in her eyes was visible. She was lying. She was lying to herself, if she ever had a real man or if she ever being able to be a real woman of a man.

‘ I’m exhausted, in search of some sleep’- She said.

There was a furious battle going on inside her heart. She was boasting about nothing, yet everything. Her heart was desperately searching one man to whom she was true. Clueless. Not a single name.

Tears rolled out of her eyes and cleaned her soul & mind. She acknowledged her disloyalty to herself. To everyone she had once promised. Her soul was in desperation to apologize to herself.

‘What I did was best for me. It was the only way to stand out of the crowd’- Her mind replied to her soul in disgust.

She escaped the truth once again, she lied to herself once again. Her Desperation remained inside her heart somewhere. #HerDesperation




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