2015: My Travel Confessions!


It’s never too late to confess! Before the year- 2015 ends, I would love to pour down my confessions in this blog (big, small, silly! Travel confessions).

You might have read my solo- Women traveling tips & itineraries & I may have sounded really brave & smart at quite some points. Nevertheless of circumstances, I have always undertaken projects which demanded extensive traveling & frequent interaction with the place & people, which itself sum up my love & lust for Travel.

However, I have made my part of silly mistakes while traveling which had put me under serious question marks!


My confession list may go pretty long, though I will make sure to keep it concise & insightful. I’m sure, you would be able to connect with many of them 🙂

Here goes the list of my confessions-

1. Sometimes, I travel to live in my wonderland

Yes! I am a passionate traveler, & make sure all my saving goes on strengthening my travel experience. I have undertaken many trips; with my bff, strangers, bunch of travelholic friends & most importantly, solo trips.

In my own words, “Travel is to dream Wonderland & discover them!”  

My dreams are varied, so are the reasons of my traveling. I have serious & non-serious reasons to travel. Many a times, I have gone out on a trip because, I needed to breathe some fresh, cold air in a mountain. Absolutely. I may sound crazy but, that’s what I needed at that point of time. Sometimes, I go out on a beach trip with my girls, because I need to wear a bikini. That’s it!

Well, many people came up with a weird judgement after listening my travel reasons. I wondered, twisted my face & continued with my chimerical wonderland trips!

I confess to have girlish attitude & weird reasons to travel. So what! I love to travel & discover my dreamland. And, I’m really happy with them. If I sound crazy to you, my humble suggestion would be to elope your home for a  week & discover a place in your own way.

Breathing some fresh, non-polluted oxygen on hill top!


2.  I too get terror-stricken.

I do undertake solo trips, because this gives me an opportunity for self-discussion. Every time, I went on a solo trip, I found something more about myself.

My quest to travel took me to Kolkata, formerly known as Calcutta, while it was a solo trip. It was my 3rd trip to Kolkata, when an uneventful incident took a toll on my travel inspiration.

I was being chased by a bunch of freaks at night time. Thankfully, my cab driver was smart enough to trick them & dropped me safely to the hotel. Yeah! It was a kind of victory of my life, I was safe & back at the hotel. For the next two days, I had severe fever. I was under immense stress & terror that I had almost stopped moving. It took me a few days to recover from the trauma. May be, it was my karma that helped me to return safely. 

Well, I recovered soon & my zest to travel extensively got further strengthen. I know that in a country of a billion population, such incidents are inevitable. It was a bunch of people, not the city to blame!

Image Courtesy: Photograph by Randy Olson, National Geographic


3. Sometimes, I try too hard to fit within the social group.

It’s been 3 years, I am staying in Bangalore, but still sometimes I find myself compromising within the social group, striving hard to fit in.

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city & one gets to fit in so easily; one is ought to find like-minded people.

Instead of all that, I struggled badly in the initial days. Majorities are Kannada, & have a strong bonding within themselves. But, now things are settling down for me, & I have found my besties here 🙂


I faced a further grave issue, 4 years back when I shifted to Bhubaneshwar (India) for an official project. I suffered so badly & got ill; I used to get alien treatment from the other staffs. People around me were so rude that they used to talk ill about me on the table while having group lunch. The irony was, I had already started learning the language while they were ignorant about it. Anyways, I strived hard & failed many a times. Every failure to fit in the group turned me more hostile towards them. I had cried at nights because of those ill words & hostile behavior towards me. But, then all are not same. I found some real good people around me in the same place who loved me, admired me & protected me like real parents. I am so thankful to God that I got a chance to live in Bhubaneshwar because of which I met them.

This is a part & parcel of life, so I accepted it happily. Now, I have stopped trying to fit in everywhere. I appreciate every culture & custom but, then I understand that one can’t fit in everywhere. There will always be a few exceptions. Enjoy the exception & love the way things come to you.


4. Things went considerably wrong on the trip. 

Yes. I am an avid traveler yet, I have made so many silly & grave mistakes in the trip. When I look back, I find them really silly & hilarious.

Oh! Just a few months back I went on a trip to explore Western Ghats. My first halt was at Pune, when I reached to the hotel, I found that I forgot to carry any ID proof. Yes! I made that blunder.

Without carrying an ID, it was impossible for me to stay anywhere. A solo woman traveler, without any ID proof in the city was looking for a shelter. I reached out to everyone through social media & found a place. Finally.

With all the pain & excitement in my heart, I had to take shelter in one of my acquaintance’s home. All thanks to social media! 😀 Within a day, I arranged somehow to get my ID proof from Bangalore. Ah! Looking back, I find the incident really hilarious & embarrassing.

Regardless, it turned out to be an exceptional adventurous trip. Though, I would advise everyone to consider a few things, before you launch an unplanned trip.

Read here: Unplanned Trip: 8 Things to keep in mind!

Yes! Western Ghats…
One mistake can turn into a great adventurous trip. Mind you!


5. A dwindling budget to take care of!

Uh-oh! Isn’t it the most emotional & sentimental subject to talk about for every traveler? I am into corporate, & earnings are not unlimited. Many a times, I too have to cancel trips or have to adjust in meager budget. 

I have worries more than just finance 😛

If you think, I am a girl & I don’t need to worry about my future finances cause I would be married/may be married & it would be my husband’s responsibility to take care of my finances. Then, it’s a big NO!

I sponsor my own trips & I have a family to take care of. 🙂 Yet, I feel it’s just ‘one life’ & I can’t miss out a major pie of it by staying in one place. I work really hard, do freelancing on weekends & with all the earnings, I plan my trips (of course, after keeping a part aside for the rainy days!)

So, what’s your share of travel confessions? I am sure, you too have very interesting confessions to make, let me give you an ear! 😀

Well, Happy New Year in advance!

Cheers & lots of love!



2 thoughts on “2015: My Travel Confessions!

  1. Just reading the stuff you write, teaches us a lot. Another awesome piece of writing. I am clearly you’re fan now.. I mean its one thing reading travel blogs..such interesting stuff plus a pretty blogger behind it.. Could I BE any happier? [I just did a Chandler Bing there 😀 )

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