A new chapter added: Durga Puja, 2015

Dhakis, Dhunuchi Naach, Durga Protima, Lal-pede saree draped ladies along with incense filled pandal & earthen pots; here comes the Durga Puja Season which fills happiness & joy in every heart of Bongs. Every Bengali waits for the entire year to re-live the memories of childhood in those 5 days of Durga Puja.

Durga Puja, Durga Pooja, Durga Protima
Durga Puja, 2015 in Bangalore

Being a Bengali, I have always waited for Durga Puja. We Bengalis can never overcome our penchant for Pandal hopping during Durga Puja, but this year something had happened which filled me with aversion for Durga Puja.

A few months back, the equation of life went wrong. Some pains were there inside hearts, howsoever hard I try, they were raising their head. I was so busy in healing those wounds given to my family, had almost lost my faith in god. And, then a magic happened. This Durga Puja had something special for my family…

I found a great team. A team of 3, where we stood by each other & celebrated Durga Puja in a new way.

Durga Puja
3 of us in a team! 🙂 And, we make a superb team.
After a long day of hard work for our small set up. 🙂

When 3 of us met coincidentally, we knew that there is a reason behind everything. Out of nowhere, we got a chance to put up a food stall in Durga Puja. There was a fear, a question, & an ambiguity.

I still remember, it was exactly ten days before the Durga Puja at night 11 pm, three of us sat to discuss the opportunities v/s threats. The risk was higher than expected returns. We looked into the eyes of each other & declared, “whatever happen, we will work together”. While I was ready to take out money from my account in the name of our first venture, my heart was filled with happiness, pride & hope… A hope for a better tomorrow!

And, the day came… Shasthi- 6th Day of Navaratri.


Durga Pandal
Clicked by me 🙂

The day of our hard work started. Keeping faith on Maa Durga, we opened our stall at early morning 6:30 am on Shashti. (6th Day of Navaratri).

While waiting for the 1st order.
I caught one of the chefs in temper 😛

And, we started getting orders in a while. The demand had increased in leaps & bounds, we never got a chance to sit & eat our food. The huge crowd was appreciating our effort & savoring the awesome authentic Bengali food.

In all the 4 days during Durga Puja, i.e., Shashthi, Saptami, Ashtami & Navamai; we did wonders in the Pandal with our food.

Amidst the Dhak, Shakha & Dhunuchi- we earned love, respect, fame & blessing from the people & the Goddess Durga. This was a small chapter in my life where I realized, magic does happen. We realized our strength as a team, & partners for a start up.

Who had ever imagined life would take turn 360 degrees & bring us the moment of happiness back. This Puja, I saw the magic of love & friendship where we pulled out a broken heart back into a hopeful heart with smile & effort. Where sometime back, I could see only darkness & cheat in a relationship, now I could see pure love & selfless friendship. My family is back on track, now they know that bad days have passed off.

We got a lovely new family. Here’s some of the beautiful pics.

Snap 1: I am posing along with my Brother & Kaku (Paternal uncle).
Dayal Kaku & my brothers.




I wish all my readers a very happy Vijaya Dashami. I would be looking forward to serve you with great Bengali cuisine for sure. 🙂



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