It was all false & fake.

a girl

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It was all fake & false.

What you saw was designed by me; false ‘me’.

I was insecure, had many flaws & limitations to face the world.

Sometimes, I knew it wouldn’t help, It wouldn’t make me happy

yet, I falsified. I twisted my soul & rejected its plea to be the real one.

To hide my insecurities & flaws, I had summoned a fake spirit in me, which never existed.

‘A chirpy & happy, false spirit.’

The time has changed, so am I. I have come so far now…

After lying & falsifying for ages, I am tired now.

I have no plans to pretend anymore to hide the pains & the wounds of my soul & body.

I am ready to accept the consequences & stand strongly on its face.

Let it make the world against, yet I would be happy to see my soul supporting my battle.

Don’t ask me to be the same who I was, I shall reject your plea once again.

Remember, I twisted myself multiple time just for all of you,

while you ‘re relishing the sight of my plight; I was struggling to fit further into those masks.

Here I take a final bow, before bid my final adieu on the stage.

The show is over now.

I would see my face in the mirror, with all the gleam & youthfulness in these eyes,

and, with a pride I would say, It’s a real ‘I’.


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