A Tale of lonely beach in Maharashtra- Kashid

A few days back, I had visited to Kashid. A beach town; lone, deep and unwavering. This trip to Kashid unfolded the truth of being large and small at a time, where I could see the magnificence & the power of the ocean, battering against the shore and the small boats. Amid the silence, a loud uproar fighting for its existence.


Kashid, a pristine beach town on the shores of Arabian Sea. The beach of Kashid has a 3 km stretch. The Beach unfolds mystic view where on  side one can experience two rocky hillocks and on other, the vast expanse of unstable waves of gigantic ocean.

The Pristine Beach of Kashid
Kashid Beach

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The Beach of Kashid is famous for its clear white sand, paddy fields, green mountains, rivulet & most importantly the ‘Weekenders’.  One interesting thing about this beach is, if you come to Kashid on Weekend, you ‘re surely going to struggle to get a chance to spend some peaceful ‘my time‘ in the beach. It overflows with Mumbai & Pune weekenders. During my trip, I had a plan to explore the other side of the coin. The idea was to see Kashid Beach & its surrounding areas more than just a beach. I started from Pune on Saturday Morning. It is 170-180 km from Pune (via khopoli- Mumbai Pune Expresswasy). The journey took around 4 hrs to hit the Kashid town.

How to Reach Kashid-

Late 90’s Kashid Beach started earning popularity, attracting crowd mainly from Pune & Mumbai. One of the major reasons for the popularity of the beach as a weekend hub is because of its Road Connectivity.

From Mumbai: 160 km (Takes lesser time if commuted via Vashi), 4 hrs.

From Pune: 170-180 km (Via Khopoli –  Mumbai Pune Expressway), 4 hrs.

On Mumbai-Pune Expressway
On Mumbai-Pune Expressway

1st Day at Kashid-

I reached to Kashid on Saturday afternoon. I stayed at Nisarg Homestay on Kashid, having all the basic amenities and good place for family to stay. After a quick refreshing bathe, I was all set to hit the Beach along with my book. Though, I had all the plans to chill out on the beach along with my book but I found throng of weekenders celebrating the beach & the weather, making it nearly impossible for me to open up the book at peace. Thus, I joined the crowd with the zest.

This place offers multiple sports & water activities to the tourists for fun & refreshment. Some of the famous adventurous sports/activities includes:

  • The Jet skiing
  • ATV Sand Bike
  • Banana Rides
  • Foldable bumper rides
  • Kayaking
  • Speed Boating
  • Fishing & lots more


Image Source

2nd Day at Kashid-

Beach was overcrowded with holiday makers. I was looking for some peaceful ‘my’ moment, hence moved to the interiors of the Kashid & found the bank of the Ocean!.

Arabian Ocean


Amid heavy rain at Kashid.

Much to my joy, I din’t find any crowd at the bank of the sea. Seeing the vastness & magnificence of the ocean, I was dumbstruck at the first sight. My eye could only travel the vastness of the ocean. It was a moment when I found myself so small & tiny in front of the splendid ocean.

It was raining heavily. The waves were huge & thrashing on to the shore, touching the height of 9-10 ft. What a mesmerizing view! Though, June isn’t the right time to travel Kashid, but I discovered the true essence of the beauty of ocean in those few hours.

After siting at the bank in the rain for 3 hours, I found myself more balanced and strong. I planned to move towards the beach with the thought to catch some action.

Those peaceful moments….

The evening was close, by the time, I made my way to the beach, with my stomach grumbling, not having eaten since morning. I ordered veg rice and curry to stop my stomach from making any mysterious sound.

Kashid-Beach-2117_12 (1)
Kashid Beach at Dusk.

Image Source

The beauty of the beach at dusk was inexplicable. The sky turned into blue, red and purple light; scattering the hope, abundance and promise with each fold on sky. This splendid beauty of sky and beach turned the crowd speechless. Each soul was busy into capturing this beautiful view in their eyes.

When it grew dark, I saw the deserted beach and the sky, without the presence of stars, looking at me with gape if I would ever return to my nest.

I packed my bag & unopened book in my bag and moved back to the nest 🙂 Dreamed the chimerical golden sky and blue ocean, twisting and turning with the rhythm of my breathe. It was a pleasant night with the dream in my closed eyes.

3rd Day at Kashid-

It was a pleasant Monday morning. As expected, there was no crowd at all….

I went out at the beach to capture the sunrise.. The waves were still high, since it was heavily raining. The beach was lone, expanding and shrinking with each wave. The waves were roaring out its emptiness to the wind with each crash on the shore. I sat on the beach and planned my day out. It was a flawless plan to explore the Murud-Jajira Fort and spend time with the companion-less and abandoned Kashid beach; hearing her own narrated story.

Murud-Janjira Fort- 


At the distance of 21 km from the Kashid town, the beautiful & powerful 16th century fort, surrounded by the blue-green Arabian sea, called Murud-Janjira Fort unrolls.

Murud- Janjira Fort

Image Source

This huge & grand fort is surrounded by the Arabian sea, one need to take a sailboat ride to reach to the fort (boats available from 7 am to 6 pm, except Friday). It was an interesting tour indeed which disclosed the history of the fort to me.


Image Source

The Janjira fort is positioned at Raigad district of Maharashtra, and earned prominence around early 16th century. This fort has got a powerful, proud enchanting history. It was constructed by the Sidis dynasty in 15th Century. This fort withstood many attacks and remained invincible; the Maratha, the Portuguese, the Mughals, & the East- India company, all of them made effort to conquer the fort, but failed. The Sidis dynasty proved to be ferocious and great seafarers; many battles were waged against them.

It was a great day indeed. After adding up to the knowledge on history, I came back to Kashid. After having a cup of tea and some snacks in the homestay, I went straight to the beach.

It was a different experience to stay at the beach with absolute no crowd. It was windy and dark, waves’re huge and stubborn, as if, they were waiting to unfold their power and forbearance. Gazing at the darkness of the sky, filled me with some sense of emptiness. I captured the deep heart of the ocean in my heart & eyes and went back to the homestay.

Next Morning, I had to leave Kashid. I packed up my bag and got lost in the vivid dreams of the sea waves…

4th Day- 

I left Kashid at 9 am. The ocean was still lonely and empty, waving adieu to me.

adiu goodbye

I found the entire trip quite soothing and magical, where the ocean and the sky danced and thrashed each time in front of me in a new form. It narrated its emptiness & deepness to me with each wave and made me much stronger than ever.

If you need a different experience of a lonely beach, do visit to the beautiful, magical & lonely Kashid. See it, experience it and tell me. You’ll surely love it!


Love. Love.


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