WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge- Symbol

Symbol- A representative image designated to the object, emotion or word.

Every symbol speaks something unique & there is a unique interpretation of every symbol. There is something intense and deeper. Today, I went to an Handicraft Exhibition. People from different states, came to display their artistry work. Every face was hopeful, every smile was genuine. A smile having confidence & pride in their work.

Some Clicks-

DSC_0141 DSC_0142 DSC_0151 DSC_0144

So colorful. So captivating.

When I saw these handicrafts, I got mesmerized by their colors. Such bright colors & beautiful hand work; I had no words to express my exhilaration. Generally, such handicrafts & art works are done by the most marginalized community of artists. Apart from capturing some beautiful pictures, I captured a most important lesson in this exhibition, which is
Happiness lies in the small things‘. This is also the subject & the focus of my interpretation of the topic, Symbol. 

Each of us keep searching happiness on the big, luxurious items, & yet we are utterly disappointed & crushed with the outcome. We want more. This lust for more makes us selfish, thankless & flashy. In this process, we forget what we already have. We take relationship, happiness & our own’s capability for granted. We are always in a hurry to get more in less time. Running blindly behind walls & computers as if we are subject to run forever. Amid this rush, we forget the essence of life. Happiness, the ultimate reason of life gets lost in the race of material achievement…

In the exhibition, I asked to one of the artists, how long has he been in this profession & what makes him to continue to this profession when there is not much scope of making money? He stared at my face & humbly replied, ”It makes me happy; I feel so accomplished after seeing my creation in the form of these art pieces”.

Just this realization cleared up all the clouds of doubt.

Here, I’ll leave you with some more pictures to dig deeper into the quotient of happiness…  





Love & Cheers!


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