10 Things Every Girl Must Do Before Getting Married!

Congrats, you have started planning about your wedding!

You gonna have such a beautiful beginning of a new relationship. Have a long way to go together.
When he says ‘I want to grow old with you’, doesn’t your heart melts?

Yes, I bet, you are in love! 🙂

But, before you further dive into love & relationship, did you realize you won’t be a Bachelorette anymore… Yes, you heard it right!

So, here’s a list for you including thing you (EVERY GIRL) must do before getting married-

1. Must Get Intoxicated

drink until you get intoxicated

Image source

Drink. Drink. Drink. Drink until you count the stars.
Go with your girls & have tequila shots. Go for it without thinking twice. Once you are married, remember, you won’t get similar time with your girls.

2. Go for a Solo Trip

Don’t plan the trip, just pack your bag & get out!

Make a solo trip, girl!

Image Source

Rediscover yourself before marriage. You have got an identity, figure it out! Appreciate the odds, respect the new culture & learn something interesting.
Apart from that, when you travel alone, you make all the arrangements, make quick decisions, & meet like-minded people. This process adds a great value to your life.

3. Shop your Dream Dress

Shop your dream dress before your marriage

Image Source

Buy your dream dress & look stunning. Don’t worry about the expenditure for a moment & just think about the happiness you will have after wearing the dress, you’ve always thought of.

Wear the dress, take some snaps & send it to him. Rest, let him do all the wonders 😉

4. Go for an Adventurous Ride

Go for an adventurous ride

Image Source

Dare to do something crazy?

This is the right time for you. A crazy ride would pump your adrenaline rush. This will free your soul from all the boredom of life.

For a moment, you’ll see the end of life. This will be so close. Trust me, this experience will stay with you forever.

5. Try Something New!

wy not

Image Source

Don’t be afraid. You always had something in your mind, do it!

No matter how big or small thing it is. Be it going on a blind date or learning salsa. Just do it!

6. Runaway For A Day

Loved the Idea?


Yes, I mean it! Make a tentative plan & invite him (your fiancé) to run away with you for a day.
It would be thrilling. Pure Fun. Wild. Crazy.

7. Read Novels & Books


Image Source

A book ushers you to the umpteen opportunities. It takes your mind & soul to the new planet of dreams where everything makes sense.

Be it a romantic novel or an action series, let your mind go for a roller coaster ride. Enjoy the ride & laugh loud.

8. Relax, Contemplate & Revise the Learnings

sit n think

Image Source

Before marriage, do relax and revisit the learnings of your life. Always remember, ‘Past is equally significant as present & future’. We can’t afford to miss the lessons taught to us by our past, as it keeps us from drifting.

9. Live with Someone who isn’t a Known Person/ Family Member


Image Source

Life has its own challenges. Staying with unknown persons isn’t a joke. Take it as testing the water before getting married. This will usher you to the truth if getting married is your cup of tea!

10. Fall in Love, Once Again!

love pic

Image Source

Remember, the first time you met him? How was the feel?

Fall in love, again & again. Once you start discovering & appreciating yourself, you will spot many more qualities in him, which needs your consideration & respect.

If you have anything interesting in your wish list, add here and make it a must-practice for every girl before marriage!

Cheers & Love


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