The Dilemma

The Dilemma; also popular as 'the fickleness of mind'.

It starts before we plan to step into the earth-  ‘The Dilemma’.

‘Weather to have sex or not? And, if it results to a pregnancy, then what?’…. So, a new birth is the result!
Sometimes, I wonder what are we so uncertain about?

Anyways, the idea of this particular blog is not to discuss about the topics like sex or pregnancy. The whole idea is to sit and contemplate, what is this dilemma all about?

If I create a list of my dilemma, I am sure it could go on & on. Just to name a few….

– Shall I pick the call or not?

– Shall I go buy this or not?

–  Shall I order a drink?

– Shall I wear this dress?

– Shall I cook a meal or order it?

– Shall I go on a date?

– Shall I send the report?

– Shall I ask for a hike?

– Shall I fight for my right?

– Shall I ask for a help?

And ON & ON & ON…….  X-(

Many a times, I question myself- What a human mind is made up of? Is it only ‘Dilemma’ & ‘Insecurity’?
Whom shall we hold responsible for instilling all the dilemmas inside our mind & heart? What if we stop bothering ourselves for the results of each action? – ‘If this, then what?’ & ‘If not this, then what?’

Years ago, I had learned this quote from Geeta, ” Karmanev adhikarshte ma falesu kadachan ” which means ”exercise your duties and the fruit will follow your path naturally. ” But, never understood the importance of this quote in our life.

I am neither a spiritual guru nor have attained enlightenment. I expect results, I expect things to happen according to the plans. But, in this process, what I yield is utter dissonance in life. ‘

What I want to do is to literally close my eyes & my mind from every new movement. I want to shut down my mind from each action. I don’t want to hasten up things. I don’t want to conclude the beginning. I don’t want to feel the non-existent. I am neither an optimistic nor a pessimist. I am just absorbing the truth…the reality of the existence.

At the end, I would really like to leave a message for my dearest feeling named as ‘Dilemma’- Your very existence could be the truth of every life, you may exist in every heart & mind. Yet, I expect you to move out of my life & free my mind for the emancipation of my soul.

Let my soul relish every moment, without any fear or expectation. Let my mind think clearly without looking for a shield to protect my every single decision. Let my eyes witness the most beautiful purpose of my life.


Thank You.

P.S.- Please do not try to fix your dilemma with this thought, time will heal all the pain. Rather, please turn off the very existence of dilemmas by freeing your soul to fly high & closing your mind from the effort to terminate each start.

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