A short trip to Devanahalli.

” Saturday Morning @3:20 am- Oh! Finally, its weekend & I can sleep more….
But then, what’s new about it? I shall really go out and capture something soothing & interesting. ”

I shot out of bed and packed my bag to capture serene & relaxed sunrise. With this thought, I reached to Devanahalli in Bangalore, also known as Devandahalli, Dayavandalli, Devanadoddi & Devanapura. Devanahalli is located near to Bangalore International Airport, 40 km to the north-east of Bangalore (On the same highway to the Bangalore International Airport).

I started at 4:00 am, & reached at my destination at 5:00 am. Well, Devanahalli is the birthplace of the king Tipu Sultan.

The path I followed took me to the hill top Jain Temple, where I captured the scenic sunrise on hill top & Jain Temple. This monastery was established on 1987 with an idea to spread Jainism throughout India. The monastery is running under the capable guidance of Jain Saint Shilp Manishi Shri Chandra Suri Ji Maharaj.


Early Morning @Devanahalli, Bangalore



The breathtaking monastery views & the lush green hills made the surrounding picturesque. I witnessed a deep silence within me, I would not be wrong if I talk about the lust for Nirvana.





Such a blissful, serene experience. Here, I spent some contemplative time. I took out this time for myself from the mundane life where everything is in a rush.

Sitting on the hill top of the Devanahalli, you can witness the beautiful Nandi hills. I am sure every other Bangalorean has been to Nandi Hills, which is quite a commercialized place by now. If you are looking forward for some contemplative time for yourself, do visit to Devanahalli.

Much Love  🙂

P.C – Siddharth Chakravarty

A view from Highway



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