Some faded memories…

When did you last time checked those old faded stuffs?

Those old albums were the only territory of happiness for you. So cherished. So Significant.
You created & decorated them with all your heart & soul.


Yesterday, I was cleaning my cupboard. It was a random decision to clean the cupboard, so that I can dig out some fresh, clean office clothes for the next day.  I found some clothes with the price tag still on, some old torn paper cut, a few letters, my childhood art books, & photo albums.

Before setting up the wardrobe, I thought to sit back with a cup of coffee & re-visit those old, worn & torn items lying on the floor. They were looking at me as if I had broken my promise to keep them safely & close to my heart.

With a heavy heart, I opened one of those letters. I had written this letter to my father when I was studying in college, five years back. I still remember when I took admission for graduation, I was so confused and uncertain. Whenever uncertainty had clouded my eyes, I would read sit & write those letters to him which I never posted…

My eyes were filled with umpteen memories of those days. After 5 years, suddenly I wanted to call dad and tell him how have things changed in my life. I wanted to call him and share that I found those unposted letters in my wardrobe. But, then I stopped; an epiphany of guilt covered my mind.Where had these memories gone for so long?’

Then, I looked up in the photo album. The memories of my childhood days were now flowing over my mind. Memories of childhood were so pure & innocent. Dreams that stayed inside me. Dreams that built me, twisted me, mutilated me, & ignited me.

Newspaper cuttings….I picked them up & realized what did I miss all these days & where had all those memories gone. Suddenly, memories turned into dust. Precious particles of dust.

The truth is I was always in a rush. Never-ending rush. I left everything ‘cos of the rush.

Yesterday, I met with those faded memories. Thankfully, I got a chance to revisit those faded precious memories of my life.

If you get a chance to meet your memories, don’t stop yourself. If sometime you get haunted with your faded memories, embrace them. Just turn those pages now.


Much Love 🙂


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