A Visit to Pondicherry.

Puducherry: A city of serenity, beaches & home-made wines.


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There is something peculiar about the bright colorful walls, sea beaches, home-made wines, blissful evenings, & coastal food. Isn’t it?

Recently, I visited to Puducherry (earlier named as Pondicherry). An immaculate, well planned, & beautiful city. A city which offers you quietness, tranquility, meditative retrospection and joyous moment.

I made this trip in the month of May which is not an ideal month to travel to Puducherry. I travelled by train (9 hrs journey, from Bangalore), reached Puducherry at night & went straight to the hotel.

1st Day of Trip– My plan was to cover Promenade Beach, French Town,  Museum, & the Church (Basilica of the Sacred Heart of Jesus). Accordingly, I started at early morning. Before the crack of dawn at 4 am, I reached at Promenade Beach.

dawn image
Promenade Beach at 5 am, Puducherry.

early mornign

Words couldn’t describe the beauty I captured in my eyes….

I saw clusters of people meditating on the beach rocks, inhaling the most fresh & clean oxygen at early morning. The view was astounding. The only audible sound was ‘OM’ & the giant sea waves crashing on the stone.

What else could be so pure and soul cleansing after witnessing the mesmerizing sunrise?

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During the trip, I got to know the union territory of Puducherry consists of four small unconnected districts: Pondicherry, Karaikal, Yanam (on the Bay of Bengal) & Mahé (on Arabian Sea).

Then, I moved towards the French Colony, which is adjacent to the Promenade beach.

Take a view of French Town-  🙂



morning french colony
Walking down the street with my friend.

The French Town is also known as The French Riviera of the East. This part of Puducherry seemed completely detached from the rest of it. Here you can see the amalgamation of French colonial architecture and Franco-Tamil architecture. Beautifully Constructed Houses & Colonial Buildings, Colourful Shops & Wide & Clean Roads.

Mesmerized with the city & its view, I moved further to feed my hunger.

I went to the Suruguru restaurant, Mission Street.




Hotel Suruguru, is one of the most important landmarks of Puducherry. The place was neat & clean while the food was average. Special Masala Dosa and South Indian Thali are the two major highlights of this restaurant. Must try!

Later, I rented a bicycle to roam around the MG road. (You can hire a bike, bicycle or a scooter to travel the city. ) What an easy & convenient way of transportation. 🙂

”Never thought, keeping a map and a bicycle can make one so independent & confident about the entire trip.”


Later, my quest to find silence & peace took me to the meditation ground of Aurobindo Ashram.  The meditation center was filled with those people who are seeking for happiness, spiritual pleasure & serenity. In the hustle & bustle of daily life, I found deep satisfaction & tranquility.

2nd Day of Trip– I started the next day of the trip with the same energy & enthusiasm to unfold the deep layers of Puducherry. I hired a cab & reached to Auroville. It’s a universal township dedicated to the human unity & transformation of consciousness.


It’s not a place to see in a day and forget. It’s a place to live, contemplate and soak-in your soul into the deepness of your dream/passion. Here, you will find multitudes of successful entrepreneurs, engineers, & corporate honchos who left their career & wealth to find the peace of soul.

Mantrimandir, meditation hall.
The Beach at Auroville

I stayed at Auroville for two days to purify my soul & mind. As human, we spend our entire life in amassing pain, greed, and wealth, and yet when it comes to happiness, we feel pity on ourselves. We follow deep unconsciousness throughout our life.

So, if you are looking forward to cleanse your soul and mind, don’t think twice before heading to Puducherry. Such a blissful and serene city.

How to Reach Pondicherry?

Transportation is not at all a concern to reach to Puducherry. You have all the options available to reach this destination: Train, Bus, Cab & Flight.

  • Train:  Cheapest & convenient mode of transportation. (Book your train tickets a month before, it would be helpful)
  • Bus: Convenient & better than train. (Though, more pricey than train)
  • Flight: Expensive & convenient.

Best Season– The best weather to travel Puducherry would be October-February.

Must See-

  • Sunrise at Beach
  • Promenade Beach
  • French Town
  • MG Road (Best place to shop)
  • Mission Road (Cafe & eateries)
  • Museum
  • Aurobindo Ashram
  • Aurobindo Meditation Ground
  • Auroville (At least for 2 days or more)
  • Auroville Beach
  • Matrimandir

Must Try-

  • Home Made Wine
  • Le cafe
  • Suruguru Restaurant
  • Baker street
  • Don Giovanni
  • Mission Cafe
  • Tanto Pizzeria
  • Auroville Bakery
  • Marc’s Cafe
  • Olive

Soon, I would be travelling to the Maharastra to explore its beauty 🙂

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Much Love 🙂

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17 thoughts on “A Visit to Pondicherry.

  1. Hi, wanted to know what kind of clothes can a girl wear there? I don’t want to get into unnecessary problems with the locals for my clothes.


    1. Hi ☺ If you’re planning a solo trip, do not wear any over exposing dresses. May be you should wear denims, skirts, or maxi dresses. But, if you’ve a company you can wear shorts, rompers, or whatever you carry well. Puducherry is a safe destination. But, on the same time try to follow the safety regime. Do not roam around to lonely streets or beach areas at odd hours.
      Do let me know if I can help you in any other way. Have a full filled, safe journey. ☺😀


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