Home is the word.

being at home

Self Talk: Feeling so complete, so peaceful, so content…I am at home.

Home, you give me strength, hope & freedom from all my fear. I don’t want to get out of my home. Seems like I would never leave this place.

When I look outside; I see my fear, my counterpart lurking beneath the surface.
I am terrified. I am petrified with this thought. I can’t see anyone beside me to walk & take me out of this eerie darkness.

I close my eyes and face the walls of my home… It’s so cozy & comfortable. It feeds me with dreams. It makes me daydream better & larger.

What do I do? It’s Internal Conflict…..Inhale. Exhale.

All I need to do is not to fall prey to the fictitious dreams. I need to break this fear and walk out alone to cherish the life.


Let’s pack my bag to face the heat of life.


Moving out to another …… (place/home/city/person). Change is the only constant.

Picture Credit- Pinterest


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