Time is the King..

Time Flies

It was 17th May; clouded sky & lazy evening. I was on the way back to home. I wasn’t ready to pick any call or discuss anything to anyone. The only thought, I had in my mind was to have a cup of coffee.

My phone started ringing….

After ignoring a call from an unknown number, I picked it up.
She spoke… my childhood friend, my best friend. I can sense a deep sadness in her voice. The only information I had after that call was, she has left her place & on the way to my home. It started pouring. Standing clueless on my terrace, I was waiting for her.

When she entered, I knew something had happened, something grossly wrong….

She announced her divorce. And, the reason she mentioned was, ‘Unreasonable Love‘.

The Love, the care, and the tremendous attention was crippling her, paralyzing her thoughts, life & decisions.

What an irony! A Love which was once so empowering is now an obligation. A Love which was once her motivation to fight the odds, is now merely an oppressing promise.

Time flies, people change.

This thought unveiled the truth, sometimes we are too busy to find the accommodating words in our relationship.

One day, when we ‘ll re-visit the diary of life and would attempt to read them once again, but would discover a few pages torn and a few lines blackened by time.

The only left out would be an emptiness, a deep emptiness created by the time.

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