Have you ever lived in a forest?

City Life… Daily Travelling … Work Stress…Family Stress & What Not!
I had buckets of negativity when the idea of living in a forest struck my mind.
Travelling is an aphrodisiac for those who has passion & lust to see every nook & corner of the earth (who cares if it take a person to Antartica). After a day research the place that ideally fits my need & budget was Mallandur; 25-30 km away from Chikmagalur town. Chikmagalur is located at the foothills of Mullayangiri Range.
Mallandur is popular for its tranquility, green lush vegetation, wildlife, coffee estates & mountains. It is a place everyone must live once in their life to witness the absolute purity, away from the artificial urban life.
Nature walk at chikamagalur
It was a 2 days trip. Journey started at early morning 4 am from Bangalore Railway Station. I reached Mallandur at 13:00 hrs on the same day. I won’t be wrong if I say my bare eyes witnessed the goddess of greenery at her best!. It was more than a retreat for my eyes I had wished for.
So Fresh. So Blissful.
I had booked a homestay called NatureLight in advance since there are not much hotels/stayhomes available in Mallandur. If you are a Mobileholic person; words of caution would be – ‘There is no (Absolutely NO) mobile connectivity’ in this area. This turned out to be a hidden bliss for me.:)  Amidst the green-lush natural beauty, there was nothing which was artificial.
Coffee Cherry, at chikamagalur
Wildlife at chikamagalur
Baba Budan Shrine
Baba Budan Shrine

Image Source

 1. Book a Homestay/resort in advance. (Its deep forest inside, so it would be wise to do so.)
 2. Pack an umbrella for sure.
 3. You can wear anything…skirts,shorts,denims anything.
 4. Carry a shawl or jacket for sure.
 5. Keep your camera along with all the accessories.
 6. Please, don’t carry heels or wedges.

How to Reach

If you are travelling from Bangalore, most economical way to reach Mallandur would be-

– Travel by train: Bangalore to Belur (3 h 41 min)
– By Bus: Belur to Chikmagalur (40-45 min)
– By cab/van* (provided by Homestay owner): Chimagalur to Mallandur (30 min)
(Note: *Public transportation isn’t available. So, it’s advisable to talk to the Homestay/Resort owner to provide a vehicle in advance.)
Else, you can reach to the closest airport which is either Bangalore, Mangalore or Hubli.
#MustDo / #MustVisit-
  • Hebbe Waterfall
  • Nature walk
  • Bonfire
  • Trekking
  • Cinema shooting
  • Bhadra Tiger Reserve
  • Baba Budangiri Shrine
If you too need a small break to rejuvenate & refresh your mind, pack your bag & leave everything behind to witness the natural beauty on the earth.
Visit Mallandur, Chikamagalur to detoxify your soul & mind!
Now, get ready for the trip & thank me later 🙂
Love & Cheers!
A few moment with friends
While taking a nature walk….
Cinema Shooting Point

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