Did you ever meet your Life?

Have you ever pondered, what really makes you happy?

Well, I contemplated for years and couldn’t find one single item which could keep me happy forever.
In order to really dig it further, I created my bucket list.

At one point of time, everyone thinks to create his/her own bucket list. A few succeed in creating this list and then, they lost it. Amid the turmoil of routine, this list looses its sheen.

….If you had created this list & lost it somewhere, create your new one & tick off each one of them.


1. A trip to Himalaya…

It needs a lot of guts to travel /trek to Himalaya. So, here I am ready to take this challenge. Probably, the Himalaya trip would change my life ‘Spiritually‘.

2. Own a cafe. (A well known chain of cafe!)

Since my childhood, I have known what I ultimately want to create in my life. ‘It’s a cafe!’   Currently, I am working on this project. Soon, I will write a blog about my new cafe.

[Watch the space for more…]

3. Be a well known blogger.

Precisely, A Travel Blogger.

4. Scuba Diving

I wonder, how underwater life would look!

5. To date a pilot/ Army officer.

Oh, you read it right!!

I want to go on a romantic date with a Pilot or an army officer. Well, let’s see if I can find a guy with this combination 😉

6. Explore the unexplored!

There must be few hidden beauty spots on earth, which is yet unearthed. I would love to explore those spots and bring them out.

7. Attend the Oktoberfest.

Woooah! Who would not love to meet those beer aficionados?

I am sure, there would be a lot of amendments; everything changes, so would my bucket list! But, one thing which will remain constant is my hope & passion.

To sum up:

Don’t forget your happiness while chasing your professional achievements. Hold back sometime, breathe and look at your partner to appreciate his/her contribution. Live your life to its fullest.

In short: ‘You have got just one life!

Cheers to the LIFE!

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